Tuesday, November 13, 2012

12 Most Vile_ #1B

Here's the second blog of my Most Vile #1.  Her name is Bambi Harrell and she owns Lone Star Ranch and Double B Resort where they provide "exotic and whitetail hunts"  in Harper, Texas.  I could say a lot about this outfitter, but I want to focus on one thing; Ms. Harrell has a program called "Hunts For Hope" where she "provides complimentary dream hunts for children battling terminal illnesses".  The Hunts For Hope page states, "I AM GREATLY HONORED TO PROVIDE MY COMPLIMENTARY HUNTS FOR CHILDREN BATTLING TERMINAL ILLNESSES....I STRIVE TO CREATE A SAFE HAVEN FOR THESE CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES TO COME TO ESCAPE THE DAY BY DAY REALITY OF THEIR VALIANT FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES."

I specifically chose pics that did not have children in them, but you can click on the above links to browse her website.
Now, don't get me wrong. I have no doubt that these children and their parents have gone through some gruelling times, along with some happy as well. I would never wish upon any parent, or the child, the kind of stress that they have to endure. Ms. Harrell should get into the business of teaching children compassion and love for fellow innocent beings before the end of their life (the animal's and child's) , not apathy and killing.


  1. There is only one thing more vile than killing innocent animals for "sport", and that is to teach innocent children to do it, regardless of circumstances.

  2. This is really disturbing stuff. Can't get anymore sickening than this.