Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Dream...Phoebe

It seems that the dreams never end, and what a wonderful feeling I have in my heart. And because of Sarah, Phoebe has been inspired to express her own dreams and here is what she has to say:

My dream would be to find hunters and stop them and tell people that animals are not food. I would see a person eating some chicken meat and show them a chicken and say that a chicken is an animal and it is not food. You are eating a dead body. I would go to Japan and tell them not to hurt dolphins, I would wear my dolphin earrings to show that I love dolphins. I would rescue all the tigers and their babies from hunters. I would talk to lots of people to teach them how to look after animals. I would like to look after animals that are sick and don't have an owner and find them a nice family to live with. I would tell people that a boy can love a boy and girls can love girls, it is just love because life is about love and people should marry who they love, like Mummy married my Daddy because she loved him. I would like to help the sick children that don't have a Mummy or Daddy or clean water and food. I would like to help buy them medicine so they can look after each other. That is my dream.

Phoebe Dickenson
                                                                                   Phoebe Age 5 

Phoebe, you said it better than I ever could! 
Watch out world, there's a new generation of intelligence.


  1. Dr. Martin Luther King's most famous speech began with, "I have a dream...". It was a great dream about human dignity, rights, equality, and overcoming injustice. And to a large degree, it has come true. Phoebe's dream is even greater. It embraces all living things. I sincerely hope that it too will come true.

  2. Needless to say she has one very proud Mummy xx

  3. awww that is so sweet! Phoebe is an assett to you Lisa, she will go far, watch out for her in the Animal Rights movement when she's older! :o)
    Lisa (HIH)

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