Monday, May 13, 2013

"I(sic) shot + 1 tag = 15 fewer worthless vermin pests"

Isn't it enough that wildlife already suffers their plight at human hands?!  But THIS is completely, unequivocally uncalled for! THIS is so  sick and twisted that the words "sick and twisted" don't even fit.


The #14 is written out in this Momma coyote's (some say wolf) fetuses. How much more disturbing can a person get? The blog Skinny Moose is where this photo originally (I assume) came from. The blogger states that this pic was sent to him by email. Skinny Moose does go on to say that this is disgusting so... WHY Skinny Moose, would you do a write up on this and give the psychopath the glory that he seeks?? Oh wait, you did the write up because you want to know why nobody gets "outraged" when wolves eat a deer alive, but will get "outraged" at this. What's the difference?? I'll tell you the difference. THEY'RE WOLVES!  Animals don't have the reasoning ability that humans have (although this pic really makes me question even that)., but that doesn't mean it's right to blame them for eating or defending themselves. I personally would like to thank Skinny Moose  for his blog on this because it gives the world a chance to see what hunters are like. So Skinny Moose... THANK YOU!!  And to the hunter who did this, if you're so damn proud of your accomplishment STAND UP! Claim your glory! Or are you a coward?

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  1. Wolves eat deer to STAY alive. Humans kill wolves to FEEL alive.