Friday, August 9, 2013

40% of white Americans racist?

Here's an article that doesn't surprise me one bit. Many Americans have no friends of another race:poll40% of white Americans don't have friends of another race. 40%! The article also says that Asians have an easier time integrating than blacks. Not from what I've seen. Seems to me anybody of a different race here in America is subjected to racism. I'm from Reno, which has a high Filipino population along with a high Hispanic population. I've heard all kinds of racial slurs; filthypinos, wetbacks... Here on FB and in the media the Chinese want to take over. In Reno it's the Mexicans that want to take over. In the South people are still hung up on the slavery days (Paula Deen). Evolving as a planet is much more complicated than just going vegan. I know some would like to think that going vegan will cure everything from apathy to environmental issues. It doesn't! We're still using oil and fracking isn't letting up. These two things right there kill animals, people and the environment, but the majority of vegans I know aren't directly talking about these things. I deal with racism at least twice a week from the AR and vegan community. And on a daily basis someone wants the human race to go extinct. There goes the theory that going vegan makes us more compassionate. Veganism and animal rights should always include humans and the environment. That IS what being a voice for the voiceless means. It's time that we as a community pull our heads out of our asses and learn to work together and accept that not all activists are the same, and not all people or nations are cruel and barbaric. That's the only way we're going to be effective enough to make change.

Monday, May 13, 2013

"I(sic) shot + 1 tag = 15 fewer worthless vermin pests"

Isn't it enough that wildlife already suffers their plight at human hands?!  But THIS is completely, unequivocally uncalled for! THIS is so  sick and twisted that the words "sick and twisted" don't even fit.


The #14 is written out in this Momma coyote's (some say wolf) fetuses. How much more disturbing can a person get? The blog Skinny Moose is where this photo originally (I assume) came from. The blogger states that this pic was sent to him by email. Skinny Moose does go on to say that this is disgusting so... WHY Skinny Moose, would you do a write up on this and give the psychopath the glory that he seeks?? Oh wait, you did the write up because you want to know why nobody gets "outraged" when wolves eat a deer alive, but will get "outraged" at this. What's the difference?? I'll tell you the difference. THEY'RE WOLVES!  Animals don't have the reasoning ability that humans have (although this pic really makes me question even that)., but that doesn't mean it's right to blame them for eating or defending themselves. I personally would like to thank Skinny Moose  for his blog on this because it gives the world a chance to see what hunters are like. So Skinny Moose... THANK YOU!!  And to the hunter who did this, if you're so damn proud of your accomplishment STAND UP! Claim your glory! Or are you a coward?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Dream...Phoebe

It seems that the dreams never end, and what a wonderful feeling I have in my heart. And because of Sarah, Phoebe has been inspired to express her own dreams and here is what she has to say:

My dream would be to find hunters and stop them and tell people that animals are not food. I would see a person eating some chicken meat and show them a chicken and say that a chicken is an animal and it is not food. You are eating a dead body. I would go to Japan and tell them not to hurt dolphins, I would wear my dolphin earrings to show that I love dolphins. I would rescue all the tigers and their babies from hunters. I would talk to lots of people to teach them how to look after animals. I would like to look after animals that are sick and don't have an owner and find them a nice family to live with. I would tell people that a boy can love a boy and girls can love girls, it is just love because life is about love and people should marry who they love, like Mummy married my Daddy because she loved him. I would like to help the sick children that don't have a Mummy or Daddy or clean water and food. I would like to help buy them medicine so they can look after each other. That is my dream.

Phoebe Dickenson
                                                                                   Phoebe Age 5 

Phoebe, you said it better than I ever could! 
Watch out world, there's a new generation of intelligence.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Dream...Sarah

"I HAVE A DREAM. My dream is to make people stop hunting and make sure animals are safe. To make those two things happen I can go to college and look it up and read about it. Also go to the court and talk about it."

                                                                                            Sarah Age 10

This is what Sarah wrote and drew in school when the kids were asked what their dream was. Some wrote about Presidents or travelling, Sarah wrote about compassion. I too have a dream Sarah. My dream is to teach children such as yourself that hunting isn't necessary and there are ways that we can live with the wildlife peacefully if we only try. My dream is that the world is filled with compassionate children and people just like you. Thank you little lady! You are the future of this planet and you have the ability to change the world. ♥

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hunting Bows In Elementary Schools?!

It's funny how things pop into your head at weird moments. I was entrenched in an anti-racism issue and it dawned on me all of a sudden, "Hey! There's so much going on with guns, kids and schools, but what about the hunters that take bows to elementary schools to teach children?"  Practice arrows or not, a bow is a weapon, is it not? Why not take an unloaded rifle into the elementary schools and teach kids hunting that way (not that I'm promoting guns and hunting in schools BTW)? What's the difference? Don't tell me a bow is safer than a gun!  A weapon is a weapon is weapon.... and what these weapons are used for is to teach our innocent, loving children to become callous killers.
In my 12 Most Vile Women Hunters, I featured quite a few women that actually take their bow hunting "skills" into schools and show the children, hands on with child sized bows, how shoot properly. Just to name a few: Michelle Leqve, Joella Bates and Jana Waller. Michelle Leqve teaches to high school kids, Joella Bates and Jana Waller take it to the elementary schools.  I ask, "What is wrong with this picture?
Jana Waller
Jana Waller

Joella Bates
Joella Bates

At the end of November 2012, there was an incident of a bow shooting at Casper Community College in Wyoming, the shooter killed 3 people. One of the victims was his father. Although this was at a college, don't be surprised if this starts happening more and more on a high school or elementary school level.
My guess is, not taking an unloaded rifle into a school has something to do with being a responsible adult (and hunter mind you). I think it's high time hunters were made "responsible" enough to keep their killing bows out of schools also. If  hunters are allowed to teach children at school how to use weapons, then I believe I should be allowed to teach children wildlife preservation (not conservation) at  school. I think it's high time that hunting was kept out of schools...period!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

12 Most Vile_ #1B

Here's the second blog of my Most Vile #1.  Her name is Bambi Harrell and she owns Lone Star Ranch and Double B Resort where they provide "exotic and whitetail hunts"  in Harper, Texas.  I could say a lot about this outfitter, but I want to focus on one thing; Ms. Harrell has a program called "Hunts For Hope" where she "provides complimentary dream hunts for children battling terminal illnesses".  The Hunts For Hope page states, "I AM GREATLY HONORED TO PROVIDE MY COMPLIMENTARY HUNTS FOR CHILDREN BATTLING TERMINAL ILLNESSES....I STRIVE TO CREATE A SAFE HAVEN FOR THESE CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES TO COME TO ESCAPE THE DAY BY DAY REALITY OF THEIR VALIANT FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES."

I specifically chose pics that did not have children in them, but you can click on the above links to browse her website.
Now, don't get me wrong. I have no doubt that these children and their parents have gone through some gruelling times, along with some happy as well. I would never wish upon any parent, or the child, the kind of stress that they have to endure. Ms. Harrell should get into the business of teaching children compassion and love for fellow innocent beings before the end of their life (the animal's and child's) , not apathy and killing.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

12 Most Vile- #1A

Drum roll please....FINALLY #1 Most Vile!  As you can see from the title, I have named it Most Vile #1A. That's because there are now two "special" women that deserve the #1 spot. So without further ado.... my #1A is Dr. Annemarie Moolman. I have blogged briefly on Dr. Moolman in the past, Serial Killers Breeding Serial Killers, but I think she deserves more than just a mere mention. Dr. Moolman is a psychologist. According to her private practice website, Doctor Annmarie Moolman, she specializes in everything from marriage counselling, to trauma counselling, to addiction.  She also works for/with Hunting Legends in her home country of South Africa and according to the Hunting Legends(with Dr. Moolman) website, she specializes in child psychology. Have a child with behavioral issues?  No worries, just bring them to Hunting Legends for a counselling session in the greater outdoors stalking and shooting animals. The website says it's the best therapy for you and your child and can change your lives forever!

Please stay tuned as Most Vile #1B is coming up!!